g.m. writes

Short analysis of quotes from books I have read recently and their relevance to today.

Latest Posts:

Cry A Little Louder

How Atwood’s Surfacing shows crying has no gender and is the most liberating sound we can make.

Hustling to Madness

How Death of a Salesman shows us that we are all still living in the American Dream and the importance of rest.

Are You A Disgrace?

How Coetzee’s novel Disgrace taught me that I was born a disgrace.

“Half of what I write is garbage, but if I don’t write it down it decomposes in my head”

Jarod Kintz

I started by just tabbing quotes I was compelled to, that I didn’t want to get lost.

And now I’m here, using those quotes to work my way through my feelings towards the world.

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