Book Review: Dolly Alderton // Everything I know about love

This memoir is so vivid that at some points I thought I was watching a documentary! I remember when young celebrities used to realised autobiographies (well biographies) and my nan used to say they’re too young to talk about their life! Dolly Alderton is reaching the scary, but still so young, age of thirty in Everything I know about Love and she may not have lived the glamorous life of a superstar, but I was hooked!

To begin with, I couldn’t see myself liking this book. The younger years that filled the earlier chapters didn’t relate to my life. Her writing was brilliant, but not only was Alderton living in a different world, but she is also a different person. How can someone tell me about love when it is so subjective? And why would I want someone to tell me about love when I am actively trying to avoid it — maybe forever!

But this book is so much more than romantic love. Dolly leaves the memoir without a lover. She never really had a stable relationship throughout the book. Instead, she developed some of the most wonderful friendships. And, I hope, she has finally found a life that she can love. Where she can love the world around her and herself. Because if you can’t love yourself and your surrounding, how can you then devote time to someone else?

This is a short review because one I’m lazy, and two I don’t know how to talk about this book. Books like Alderton’s, which have short essays in them, affect people in different ways. Everyone can pick and choose their favourite Her writing style is immersive and wonderful, and if the topic doesn’t appeal to you, read some of her writing online. But even if you are not interested in love, read it so you can experience someone else life and learn from their mistakes.

I’m a decade younger than Alderton so she is like the big sister I have never had. She has told me about love and life, and even loss. It made me want to call my friend and tell her I hope that we always stay in touch — see each other whenever we get the chance. If you’re new to non-fiction, this is the book to start with!


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