Book Review: Christina Dalcher // Q

My rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I couldn’t put VOX down so when I saw Christina Dalcher had written Q it was a must-read! Do I think these books are the next classics, no! The writing is a little awkward with too many inspirational-like quotes. However, sometimes you just need a strongly feminist novel that lets you be angry at men for a couple of hours!

The novel follows the narrator Elena Fairchild. A mother to two young and smart daughters, who are much like herself. She is married to Malcolm who has a very high-up job in the education sector and she is a teacher at an elite school.

Set in a dystopic future, individuals are measured by their Q score. If their Q score is nine or above they are the ruling class. They get good jobs and nice houses. If it’s an eight it isn’t so bad but you have to be careful. And if it falls to a seven you are off on a yellow bus to a type of boarding school where you can only see your family four times a month.

Freddie, Elena’s youngest, doesn’t do too well in school. She ends up on the yellow bus and Elena must decide whether to go after her or stay behind in her oppressive household.

Although less subtle than the discussion in VOX, Q has some important feminist discussions about relationships and the power women have over their bodies.

This is also linked with the horrible topic of eugenics — the very essence of what Brave New World is based upon (but much easier to understand in Dalcher’s novel).

All in all, I enjoyed this book. It was an insightful and easy read. Dalcher tends to write in cliches with awkward quote-like phrases but it’s still good. Sometimes that type of stuff is needed for the important topics she is writing about. It’s a unique and interesting dystopia that I recommend you check out!


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