Book Review: Lucy Foley // The Guest List

My rating: I’m not quite sure why The Hunting Party is called The Hunting Party but besides the title, it was an okay book. Foley seems to have an odd structure to her novels. I looked through The Guest List and it seemed to have multiple perspectives with time jumps from before and after the murder. I usually quite enjoy differentContinue reading “Book Review: Lucy Foley // The Guest List”

Book Review: Alex Michaelides // The Silent Patient

My rating: I don’t know why I gave this book five stars because it is definitely not a five-star book but here we are! Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller with a very messy and confusing plot. With unreliable character after unreliable character, you close the book thinking what did I just read. Let’sContinue reading “Book Review: Alex Michaelides // The Silent Patient”

Book Review: Delia Owens // Where the Crawdads Sing

My rating: I get scared to read bestselling and highly recommended books because my expectations are so high. But I went into Where the Crawdads Sing knowing nothing other than it made people cry. Owens didn’t make me cry, but this book is for sure one of my favourites of the year so far! The book followsContinue reading “Book Review: Delia Owens // Where the Crawdads Sing”