Song Review: Luke Hemmings // Place in Me

“Place In Me” is Luke Hemming’s third and probably final single before the release of his debut album “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From”. Unlike his previous two single “Starting Line” and “Motion” this song focuses on how his past actions have affected other people rather than himself. Hemming’s is slowing down here.…

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Book Review: Kazuo Ishiguro // When We Were Orphans

My rating: Kazuo Ishiguro never fails in making you scared out of your mind about the reliability of your memory! He’s like a modern-day Descartes! When We Were Orphans on the surface is a historical detective novel but between the pages deals heavily with memory, nostalgia and belonging. Ishiguro’s novel jumps around in time. From the ’30s…

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Book Review: Orhan Pamuk // Silent House

My rating: Silent House is the third novel I’ve read by Orhan Pamuk and only now do I feel I can write a review on a literary genius. Snow and My Name is Red were ineffable. I could not find the words to describe truly how beautiful and insightful those novels were. Silent House however falls short of five stars and now…

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Song Review: Luke Hemmings // Motion

With the release of ‘Motion’, the second single of Luke Hemming’s debut solo album ‘When Facing the things We Turn Away From’, the story is settling into place. This is not going to be an album with bops that juxtapose each other but a smooth narrative that follows Hemming’s attempt to find stability. There is…

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